2013: Year for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Samsung Games

Cebu City, Philippines
June 19, 2013 10:43am CST
It is funny how video games evolve itself from social games or Facebook application and now developer get sympathized to turn their investment for a new gaming platform and that is Mobile Apps. This a short program specifically designed for video games. You can download it either for free or paid for your mobile devices such as for iOS system, Android or even Samsung. Actually long before already had a field for this a matter of fact, this is where Plants vs Zombies got their title as the most downloaded application of all time before it taken the entire gaming scene for PC. But that year for mobile application is still young while everyone has been hitched on Facebook games. So they need to give way also the same with developer they need to focus on one gaming console at a certain time. Mobile apps lend the way, and Facebook easily made it a big success for their games. Hundreds of millions players for all over the world while with the same concept of free apps, people love those game who can connect on their friends. But since nothing is last for forever, after 4 years , 2013 players tired of on social games and decided to shift to Mobile games, and of course developers always do their concern in order to satisfy their consumer, most of them focus to create a game for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and Samsung as a matter of fact, there are also games deleted on Facebook after maker give it up. Actually if I'm the one to answer which is better, I think Facebook games is more enjoyable to play because you have friends in your list where you can play with compare to mobile games as sort of offline gaming. But of course we deny the portability of this console offer but if you are a gamer, are not aiming for one angle, but to cover up all you want to see in playing games. Anyway that is people choice, so we can't also do nothing but to move on so instead writing cheats for FB, now we need to change the entire core of our programming system and develop cheats for iPhone, iPad, Mac, iOS, Android, and Samsung. Though it is like we need to start from the very beginning but like game developer we can do nothing but to support the behavior of our consumer.
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