I wish our currency is higher!

Shillong, India
June 20, 2013 12:52pm CST
Today, when I open the newspaper I saw in the front page that our Indian Rupee (currency) is hit at the lowest level ever at Rs. 60/- which means 1$= Rs.60/- Very bad. I did not know about the economy and business on this basis whether those traders are getting profit or loss as I am not from either economics background or Commerce background I only know is we are again problem called "INFLATION" Where there will be chances of hiking of prices in every things such as cereals, vegetables, oils, clothes etc which is very bad news for public especially to manage the household stuffs and etc. It indicate that in coming days all the goods are going to be expensive. it will be difficult times again. SSShhhhhhhhhhh.......! not only this there is also chances to effect our income as well as wealth however, our salary never increase based on the Indian economy. Its goes like turtle only and rest of our requirement (demands) are hike like rabbit During this time. another good news is for NRI (Non Resident Indian) they can take advantage of this. But Economist says that Inflation is a sign that an economy is growing, lack of inflation is also indicates that our economy is weak, it is not easy to label inflation as either good or bad.
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@cupkitties (7565)
• United States
20 Jun 13
It may get expensive but I'm sure ya'll can get by. It'll be a good time to take advantage of coupons and any other ways of saving and spending less money. Hopefully things will turn out better.