Louisville, Kentucky
June 24, 2013 2:51am CST
This is one of the subjects I hate most, and i also enjoy in unison. The word "love" is a word that continues to change with the trends of generations. It once was a word that sparked senses, creating emotions that were never felt by man nor woman alike. Love used to be a word that started a family of forever, meaning that love fueled every being in the household. But times continue to shift, creating a confusion that no longer ignites senses, but debate and conflict. It starts with social media. To be honest, social media could possibly be the base of the altering of the word love. Where it was once treasured and considered dear, it is now thrown around by people mindlessly through things like social media. The phrase "I love you" has even been denounced to the code of a text: ILY. But that isn't where it stops. The youth of today say the phrase without any acknowledgement or sincerity of the meaning. "I will love you forever if you give me a piece of gum." You mean, you feel it's okay to deduct the prestige of a lifelong commitment.... for a materialistic possession, a stick of gum at that?! The extent of the new use of love could be up for debate. But through all of the newly stemmed negative uses for it, there are still those who hold the word dear to their hearts, for they know the power of love, the changes that can be made with love, and the overall need to keep it sacred.
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@cupkitties (7259)
• United States
25 Jun 13
Unfortunately this problem existed long before social media.. I was around before the internet was even available to the public and ily didn't exist then, but many of the young people in that time, had a habit of using "I love you" without even meaning it. Often times the words were used as a trick (probably still is) by the guys to get the girls into bed. Sad to say, but maybe the generation today learned some of that attitude about love, from the one before.