Even A Wrong watch Tells The Right Time Two Times A Day

Moradabad, India
June 24, 2013 3:17am CST
I think nothing is useless in the world.We think that pain should not come in our life but pain and leasure both play a very important role in our life.Without pain we can not feel the true pleasure.Sensible people regard nothing as useless.Truth has no value withot falsehood.When we are in trouble we come to know who is our real friend or enemy.Appearances are deceptive.Only he is blind who believes anythin blindly. Doubt is compulsory to lead a good life Honour and ignominy both the the things happen in our life.Death is supposed to be greatest curse but it is as compulsory in life as birth.Even the worst person can give you a good advice.Nobody is born wise.The wise must say thanks to the fool , because the wise persons are calleld wise only because of the foos.There is a soul of truth in error,there is a soul of good in evil. Nobody is perfect in the world and none completely good or bad in the world.
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• Hefei, China
25 Jun 13
I totally agree with you. Everything in this world has its opposite. And it is through the comparison with the opposite that people make judgments.
• Moradabad, India
25 Jun 13
Thank you for your kind consideration and good response for my post.