Need help with this dream

Chatswood, Australia
June 27, 2013 11:13am CST
I was in the great big dessert and I was pushing my son in his pram with my mother walking beside me and everywhere you would look there would b snakes hissing and slithering away. There was rangers looking after the snakes I suppose and I asked questions about which snake this was and I remember I asked if the snake I just saw in the water was a anaconda and the ranger said yes, we got to this lonely little cabin and saw more rangers there... All if a sudden I was back in a house and there were snakes everywhere althought it didn't bother me scary part is everytime a snake would try and bite me I'd find a way to kill it but I was walking up to the bedroom and there was this big green snake hanging on the door ( toys filled the floor) and when I saw it I ran into another room and the snake launched of the door on the floor as I jumped onto the bed the snake jumped/ launched it self at me where I was standing on the bed and wrapped it self around my neck and bit me on my shoulder. I can't remember being scared or anxious. I do know I had no emotion what so ever.. I then woke up
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@bingziii (82)
• China
4 Jul 13
Are there many snakes around your city? Few in our city. i seldom saw them! Dream them never!
@narsha (466)
30 Jun 13
WOW,so complicated a dream! I hate snakes,really!
@cupkitties (7484)
• United States
27 Jun 13
Not sure there are any dream translators here, but Dream Moods is an interesting site to check. They have a search form which can be used to "interpret" the meaning behind some of the images in your dream.
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