Did you ever experience long-distance relationship?

Wuhan, China
June 27, 2013 9:52pm CST
I met a guy last summer on internet. I am chinese and he is french but i was attracted by him the first time we talked through internet. He is really a very good guy , he is kind-hearted, clever and considerate. There is so long distance between China and France and our time is so different. Everytime our talk on the internet will cause the conflict of day and night. We both have to do our jobs in the day, and when he finishes his work of French time, it is already middle night in China. However we still cherish every minute to see each other. He always gets up at 3:00 in the morning to say hi to me while i am starting my daily work. We really like each other , lol, i have to say as a french, his thinking is always like Chinese. At the beginning i just think I am so lucky to make a true friend on internet. We talk about many things: he teaches me french and i ask him to sing chinese song for me; when he was on vacation he brings his laptop to show me the new places; once he went out at midnight to talk to me and was questioned by police. I really feel we are perfect pair. My affection is going deep day by day but on the other side there is one voice reminds me we are impossible. When we are on internet we can forget all reality and our heart can be very close, but when we are off internet we have to face all the things around us. So now things become complicated, the more I talked with him the more I want to be with him, and the more I want to be with him the more I realize I am dreaming. Those feelings makes me frustrated and sad. Is it so hard to keep a long-distance relationship? Is it possible to keep a long-distance relationship?
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• United States
28 Jun 13
It is hard, but it can work. My ex husband and i meat on line, and though the distance wasn't as great as yours (we both lived in the united states, he on the north east coast of the country, and me smack dab in the middle, our time difference was only one hour) We, like you, spent lots of time on the phone, and chatting on line whenever we could. We did that for a couple of years before we were finally able to arrange a couple of trips (he out to my home first, then me to his a few months later) and then not long after that i made the move to the coast where we lived together for a while..and eventually got married. The marriage only lasted a couple of years, but that had more to do with how young we were than the way we met. In fact even after we separated i opted to stay out on the coast instead of moving back to my home area, and i have made many good friends, have a good job, and enjoy living here. I have also gotten into another semi-long distance relationship, but in this one he is even closer, only about an hour and a half by car, and we are able to see each other pretty often. You can make the relationship work if you want it to, but just know it is going to take some work to keep it going.