Descendants trace remains of Adolf Hitler

Jakarta, Indonesia
July 2, 2013 5:54pm CST
German dictator of his time, Adolf Hitler had a close family who are still alive today and The Sun also managed to track down one of Hitler's immediate family on a farm in northern Austria. The person named Gerhard Koppensteiner (48) is still considered a cousin of Hitler, let alone this man faced very similar to Hitler when he was young. While herding the cows, Gerhard actually objected to leverage his past. Especially his blood relationship with the Fuhrer who cursed people. "The fact is haunting our family a lifetime," he said, as published by The Sun, Tuesday, March 30, 2010. He also said that carrying a heavy burden of life and very gruesome, I know that my accusto with Hitler and the blood. Gerhard Koppensteiner have two children, namely men and women and Gerhard did not want it decreases trauma to the children. "I do not want them to live in the shadow of this man [Hitler]. We have never talked about Hitler in the house, "he said. Gerhard neighbors in a small village in the mountains near the Czech border claimed to know about the blood relationship but one neighbor said, "You can not fault Hitler spilled on them." Similarly Gerhard's wife, Renate (46) who do not care about the origin of her husband. "Forget it is the best," he said. Gerhard including family kin. Moreover, Hitler was never known to have offspring. Hitler's interest in developing offspring after Belgian researchers use DNA to track down 39 of Hitler family. Are like the page loaded the Daily Mail, in Austria, Hitler family hid. To hide its association with Hitler, they changed the name of the family, of Hitler, became Hüttler, Hietler, Hiedler or Hütler - that are common surnames in the phonebook Austria. Hitler was also no family in the United States. They are known to live in the Long Island area. The great-grandchildren of Hitler's father lived disguised with pseudonyms, Stuart-Houston. They left Germany to escape the Nazi atrocities. Louis and Brian Stuart-Houston live in a wooden house in East Patchogue and worked as a gardener. While, Alexander Stuart-Houston works as a psychological help Vietnam War veterans. "Families in the United States agreed not to have children - so as not to continue 'working crazy' Hitler. They also agreed to get rid of fear. However, they promised to publish a book before they die, "said Mulder, journalist Belgian newspaper Het Nieuws Laaste. Hitler's most famous family is Hitler's nephew, William Patrick Hitler, the son of Hitler's half-brother, Alois Hitler Jr.. William was born and grew up in England. He had moved to Germany for a while, then lived in the United States. In contrast to those who hide themselves, Wiliam wrote a book criticizing Hitler. He reportedly joined the United States Navy during World War II.
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