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Toronto, Ontario
July 3, 2013 10:35am CST
Hey guys, Im currently writing a big project of myn for Toronto Mag, and i was wondering if i could get some input on what you guys think!? Alright im new to this but recently i was assigned to write a piece on freelancing and the "jobs of tomorrow" when to get some insight i signed up on multiple sites to only find the same thing in common... They all had commission fee's or some sort of "give me you money" vibe i really didnt like that so i did a little more research and found a site called 5spot.ca, signed up and with in a couple minutes of signing up they sent me a email in regards to some "exciting changes" that were taking place on the site. Exciting things like becoming 100% commission free meaning the money you make on it is the money you get, along with getting paid when you want, to awesome live customer service. This blew my mind and right away i saw this being a big opportunity but i need people's insight ! I need to know what YOU tink about this... this site is going to be the the only freelance site that doesnt charge commissions (doesnt take a commission off each sale you make) and i need to know if you were a freelancer if you would switch to it ? As i have alot of time for your input i cannot submit this to my publisher till there new site is up sometime next week! THANK YOU :)) SITE= 5spot.ca
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• North York, Ontario
4 Jul 13
Your weird
@FrugalMommy (1447)
• United States
4 Jul 13
If they don't take a percentage of each sale, where is the money to maintain and operate the site coming from?