July 4, 2013 8:56am CST
Friendships are great but some people take advantage of your situation to tricked people no longer believe in friendship
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• United States
5 Jul 13
unfortunately their are some people out there who are only users......they want to use anyone who is an acquaintance for what ever benefits them, but they don't or are unwilling to put anything back into a relationship. Friendship (just like love) is a two way street. Both people have to give and receive and benefit from the relationship in some way. I am guessing you were betrayed by someone you thought was a friend recently. That sucks big time, just don't let one bad apple spoil the bushel......i am sure you have other friends out there who still care for you and won't betray you in that way....
• Damascus, Syria
5 Jul 13
Certainly there are friends we can not do without them, those who find them in difficult times certainly will not forget them
@cupkitties (7547)
• United States
4 Jul 13
That's right. You get to learn who your true friends are though.