sick of my old mobile phone.....

@n_ich3 (73)
July 6, 2013 11:49am CST
ohhh! I am sick using my old mobile phone guys. I don't know when can I buy a new one. after I lost my less than a year smart phone, my system seems adjusting badly because i have to use my old model phone. so disgusting but i have to learn and live to this. what's more important for now is i have means of communications to my love ones and friends which i could make calls or text anytime if i have a load. and soon, maybe i could buy a new smart phone so that i could store games, etc.
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• United States
6 Jul 13
been there, done that, and i agree it sucks. I had a phone that i really loved, but one day at work when i crouched down to pick something up off the floor it fell out of my pocket on to the hard, tile floor, causing the screen to stop working. For like $70 bucks i could have sent it in and had it repaired, but i didn't have money for that at the time as it was right before christmas. Luckily i did still have my older model phone and they were able to switch my service back to that one, but i missed all the bells and whistles that my new phone had. Since then i have switched phone companies and have a newer phone again, hopefully you can figure out a new phone for yourself soon!
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@n_ich3 (73)
• Philippines
7 Jul 13
Thanks for the complement. I already started to figure out the kind of phone that I wanted to buy. A phone that is not so expensive with a better specs. Here in our country has many plan packages offered by different network and the only thing is which is the ideal for me. I have spotted already but still under investigation so that there will be no regret afterwards. Thank you again.