Why the laminate floor to have the triangle crack

By bob
Nanjing, China
July 8, 2013 12:15am CST
After installing the floor, presents the triangle slit strengthens one kind which in the floor suit compares sees. Sometimes this kind of question in installs in the regulation to produce, some are in uses in the regulation to discover. Is bright according to nature floor many year experiences by and the findings table, floor's production regulation, has installed the regulation and the use not, when can cause the triangle slit, but the most primary cause was still installs improper. The floor presents three angle seals, some have three angle seals only in the reason, not only some have three angle seals in the reason, simultaneously also has the slit in the side, presents the irregular distribution in the room. It is reported that laminate floor to have the triangle slit reason to have the following several aspects. First, the floor to carry on keeping in good health processing before the production to it, causes the plank moisture content not to be equal, creates the distortion. Second, laminate floor installs when the moisture-proof membrane joint place with the waterproof adhesive tape not to stick strictly, the humidity sneaks into causes nearby this side floor changes is long, floor's two broadside's lengths different, causes the floor reason to produce the triangle slit. Third, the floor in uses in the process, because the consumer maintains improper, uses to tow the cloth mop place wet frequently, the moisture content enters the floor from the floor one side slit, causes the floor single side to inflate, the floor reason produces the triangle slit. In floor installment, because installs time makes an effort uneven or nearby the wall not straight or the reservation slit is uneven, also will cause the floor to produce the triangle slit. Reminds based on the above several nature floor. Ya'an exclusive agency, consumer when use strengthening floor must pay attention to the waterproofing certainly, installs when must supervise the worker to install the good floor, and reserves certain space in the floor between.
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