If this is not the easiest way to make 20.00 over and over for FREE i dont know what is

San Diego, California
July 8, 2013 5:46pm CST
So easy to do even a caveman can do it haha. Millions of people daily use a debit/credit card. The difference between prepaid cards and bank account is prepaid cards there is no credit check. This does not hurt or help your credit. Just like having a prepaid card. I am sure you heard of walmart prepaid cards or rushcard. You apply for the card get by mail in 7-10 days load your money and use it like you would a bank card. This is the cool part. Netspend prepaid debit card pays word of mouth advertisement. Here is how it works. Lets say you refer 10 friends to sign up for this FREE prepaid debit card. All 10 friends get there card in the mail and load a minimum of 40.00 to there account. All 10 friends will see a bonus of 20.00.. So everyone who gets this card gets a bonus once then load a minimum of 40.00 ..now since you refereed all 10 of your buddies to get this card for free now you get a bonus of 20.00 for every person. 200.00 made for 10 friends..imagine referring 20,30,40 etc etc.. its no career change but extra money does help..in 1 month i referred 18 people for an additional 360.00 link is below to get your free card..
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• Forest Grove, Oregon
10 Jul 13
It sure would seem that way. The problem is people are reluctant to put up the $40 to fund the card no matter how much you tell and show them. I know, because I have been doing it for a few years already and it wasn't until I showed them where to get the $40 free that they started doing it more often.