3D printing Challenge "Made in China" advantage?

Chicago, Illinois
July 15, 2013 9:42pm CST
The West visionary people, digital 3D printers are expected to so thoroughly subverting traditional manufacturing and supply chain, so that supporters will it impact the pipeline or the advent of the Internet compared. According to media reports, China's big factories are considering a giant 3D printer used in manufacturing, in China, this technique does not seem immediate threat. Reported that Chinese officials should from their Karl • Marx compulsory learned, and mastered production is essential. Economists say that its meaning is endless. No big factories. No metal powder. No boat. No supply chain. No customs duties. Almost no middleman. Orders under tailored to the needs, so no inventory and warehouses. As long as a printer, materials, software, and a design. Reported that, 3D printing technique used meant a revolution, this revolution so as the United States Dartmouth College professor Richard • Dawei Ni so sober economists believe that Foxconn and other companies will become obsolete. Dawei Ni wrote: "China through the mass production model to the extreme, from the mature economies where snapped outsourcing manufacturing contract, which not only brings together enough to create an unprecedented scale efficiency requirements, but also minimizes an Important cost: Aluminium Magnesium Alloy powder in widely distributed, highly flexible small-scale manufacturing mode, these formidable strengths became unfavorable conditions. " Dawei Ni still "Harvard Business Review" on the proposition: "China will become the new century losers It has the domestic market can serve ...... while its domestic market is huge, but the Chinese will have to abandon the world of mass production powerhouse position. " Reported that China is actively buying the West's 3D printing technology, their Ferromanganese powder lightweight machines sold to consumers. Industry and Information Technology Ministry has allocated £ 20 million funding 10 research centers, and the establishment of 40 companies. Reported that Beijing in May hosted the World 3D printing technology industry conference. China a trade organization responsible Luo Jun said that the next three years, the domestic 3D industry will bring about £ 1.1 billion in revenue. Therefore, China's science, engineering and education dedicated to 3D manufacturing spirit is beyond doubt. However, the report also said that in China, this is a completely different concept. The Chinese people, this is a method used to create more can sell things industrial tools. Reports that the right to indulge in cheap imports of Western economies, this may be the change means - perhaps even non- Ferrochrome powder process medium. Management researcher Jia Jin Jing said: "some Western media say 3D technology is conducive to the West, can help American industry revival, the impact of Chinese factory of the world." He then said: "I do not support this view." Jia Jin Jing said: "3D printing device allows a single material electrolytic manganese powderproduct molding, can not manufacture electronic system components, so 3D technology not Chinese manufacturing industry a tremendous impact." Reported that in the West, a very important figure there are different opinions. February, President Obama claimed that 3D technology could "ensure that the next manufacturing revolution occurred in the United States."
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• Beijing, China
16 Jul 13
I think china's enterpriser has take a very high position about 3D printing. As i know in xi'an city Shanxi province, The 3D printing has been used to civil,it's limited to take photos. I think this is just the beginning. More and more enterprise focus on 3D printing . Maybe some day 3D printer will instead of "Made in China". But it's still made in china, i believe China's 3D printing technique.