Anybody from DUBAI or United Arab Emirates???

November 23, 2006 12:34am CST
Any members from DUBAI or United Arab Emirates around here???
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• United States
25 Nov 06
No I am not from Dubai or UAE. Why do you want to know? Do you want to go there? Are you there? Are you from there?? ................ I hope someone answer your message...............................
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• India
26 Nov 06
Hi Again Jeri :) Hey, YEAH YEAH!.. I know that you are not from Dubai or UAE LOL LOL ... I was asking to other members :) YUP!.. That’s right!... You got it :) Yeah,I want to go there to fetch a job in some Multi National Company :) Jeri, NO NO... I am not from there... I am from India and born and brought up here itself in this State :) Still expecting someone to answer to my message... Perhaps no body from Dubai or UAE here on I guess. What do you think???
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• United States
29 Nov 06
yeah, no one answer this message so I guess no one is from Dubai and UAE. Oh well, let's try to see again. That is why I am posting this but it is night time there lol......
• India
30 Nov 06
Hi Jeri, YEAH :-( ... No one is answering to this messsage :-( Perhaps yeah!... no one is there here on from Dubai and UAE. But lets for few more days... Thank you so much for your message :-)
• United Arab Emirates
1 Dec 06
im in UAE!!!DXB!
• India
2 Dec 06
Hi Friend :) WOW!.. Thank you for your response.. For how long you are there still??? Do you know anybody in UAE? Please send me your email ID... I will email you in details. Oh!... and what does DXB means??? Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you! With Warm Regards, Amit ~