OFW Husband

July 23, 2013 9:06am CST
It's been 3 months since my husband flew to a faraway place for greener pasture. We're thankful for the blessings from above, it's one of the most wonderful gifts we received this year. All our worries and burdens were gone when he was hired to work in a government-owned company with complete benefits and good compensation. Unlike before, money is not a problem at all this time but it's the distance between us that saddens us both. We miss each other so much that daily conversation through cellphone and internet seems never enough. Our son who recently turned 4 years old would always look and ask for his daddy most of the time, I was trying to instill into his mind the reasons why his dad needs to be far but an innocent child wouldn't fully understand everything, but as time goes by, I'll make sure he will. It's so heartbreaking but we need to sacrifice for the future of our family.
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