Hi, I'm Kay from China.Nice to meet u!

Yangzhou, China
July 24, 2013 11:00pm CST
Hi everyone!My name is Kay .I got married last year and live in China Yangzhou now. I'm a Sagittarius girl,have a lot of hobbies,such as belly dance,piano,jazz drum,reading,traveling,cooking dessert and making friends. I have a dream about traveling around the world,so I hope there will be friends in every country to be good guides.And I'm also glad to be your guide in China.I can take u try the Chinese food ,visit the old towns,know the old culture and so on. well,I have to go to lunch,so wish u a good afternoon!
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• Kochi, India
27 Jul 13
Hi,Kay nice to meet you.But I am not coming to China,ok maybe!but only if my family agrees to come with me,which is highly unlikely:(.
• Yangzhou, China
1 Aug 13
But how old are u?if u are an adult ,maybe u can come by yourself.