What is Love?

Sri Lanka
July 25, 2013 12:29pm CST
I think without love we can not live in this world
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• Bangladesh
18 Mar 15
Nothing but a illusion it is absolutely fake thing. Everybody love for selfishly.
• Lagos, Nigeria
18 Mar 15
You are right
@isavior (102)
• United Kingdom
9 Nov 13
I agree with you. see some people love there car, other love cat ,one love themself, other love power, a lot love money. love is not just only for opposites gender. I love girls by the way.
• Lagos, Nigeria
18 Mar 15
Tell me what you care for
@cupkitties (7441)
• United States
25 Jul 13
We could, but who wants to?
• Aberdeen, Scotland
27 Jul 13
not me, mind you, i feel the same about a cheeseburger who would wanna live without a cheeseburger
• Kochi, India
27 Jul 13
Not necessarily,I can live without loving or being loved.Love is just an emotion like happiness,sadness,anger etc.If you are bold enough you can stop caring about it.People will just agree with your opinion because love is just too little toO cute for them to say NO!!!.
• Shanghai, China
27 Jul 13
Love is just what we think is true.
• China
26 Jul 13
love makes the world much more beautiful.
@srisahara (4147)
• Indonesia
26 Jul 13
Is it really? I think we can live in the world without love. See many people that never think about love, it means they live without love.
• Kenya
25 Jul 13
yes we cannot live without love. Love is broad and fits any contest.
• El Dorado, Arkansas
25 Jul 13