Business video conferencing

Guangzhou, China
July 25, 2013 9:01pm CST
Probably the first consideration of either small and mid-sized and even large companies for the using of video conferencing is cost. How and to what extent can video conferencing save the cost speeding on travelling? This is the fundamental reason of the increasing usage of video conferencing in business. CUMeeting is one of the video conferencing providers using the proprietary cloud-based video conferencing platform which can deliver stable, smooth, secure, clear and crisp video conferencing service that are specially designed to meet all of your actual business requirements and to help you improve productivity and increase revenue. And what can business video conferencing do for your business? Generally speaking there are four points that can help your business go further: save time and money, extend global reach, enhance collaboration and communication, improve productivity and increase revenue etc. Below we will go into detail of how video conferencing can actually do these: Benefits of business video conferencing: Save time and money: Travel reduction is the easiest expense to calculate when determining ROI of a video conferencing investment, video conferencing can greatly cut or even eliminate the cost spent on travel, accommodation and other associated expenses Extend global reach: Regardless of location, video conferencing can engage geographically dispersed workforce in a real-time conference environment which is so real that people involved may feel that they were in the same conference room. Enhance collaboration and communication: Business video conferencing equipped with featured online presentation functions such as text exchange, whiteboard, screen sharing, file sharing etc to facilitate your online meeting, online training, online presentations etc. Improve productivity: Business video conferencing has a dramatic effect on the way people do business and the productivity gains they can derive. The ability to easily share any type of information has added another dynamic to video conferencing. Go green: Business video conferencing is an obvious “green” technology, allowing business to mitigate energy use by dramatically reducing the need to travel. Business can also substantially reduce their carbon footprint which contributes to a greener earth. Conference recording: Business video conferencing allows you to record your conference for those who missed the meeting with high-definition video quality (up to 1080P) using the industry leading H.264 MP4 video encoding technology. For detailed information, please visit
CUMeeting video conferencing is a easy-to-use program for business of all sizes to help them save time and money, enable global communication and increase productivity and revenue.
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