Gearing up towards financial freedom..

July 26, 2013 8:16am CST
It has been couple of months since the last time I used my account here in MyLot. I noticed that I couldn't view my earnings anymore. Anyway, back to the topic.. Everyone of us wants to be financially free or shall I say, We want to have financial peace of mind. But the question is, How do we all do this effectively? A matter-of-fact, Most of the people here in earth are not financial literates. There are few who have the idea but don't have the right discipline. I seldom encounter youths who know how to handle their personal finances. Many of them splurge their salary as soon as it hits the bank. Sad but true, this is just one of bad practices people have. There are a lot of ways in order for us to learn how to handle our personal finances, Entrepreneurs have different ideas, and even the Finance Coach. Topics about finance seem to be boring to most of the people. So I would like to hear some of your ideas on how to help these people learn personal finance. Coz I really want to educate them personally but it seems that they are not eager to listen.
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