Aberdeen, Scotland
July 27, 2013 4:01pm CST
i got a pair from the hospital the other day and struggled with them from the word go (slow) so i thought to hell with them and left them at home when i went to work today anyway - i was sitting at the door of the shop eating a pie when a really gruesome dog ran up to me and growled in my face if i had had the crutches i honestly would never have surrendered my pie so easily it was a curry pie so i hope he shi&^ all over his owners carpets!! enjoy the wind fido! oh i should have used the crutches as advised - my leg is now more sore than it was before. lesson learned.
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• United States
28 Jul 13
Crikey! What a thing to happen..Of all the nerve! Sod..!!! I am sorry you did not get to eat your curry pie as well..yeah that will be a hell of a mess on the carpets lol Good thing he took the pie and not a piece of you..sounds like he might have. I do hope you heal soon Jim bo..poor crutchedy..xo Hugs
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• Aberdeen, Scotland
28 Jul 13
he looked hungry his ribs were sticking out big teeth though and a really scary growl the pastry was tough anyway and i wasnt enjoying it i hope i heal soon too,
• United States
29 Jul 13
crutches are a pain to get used to......but as you are probably now finding, they help to ease the stress of an injury, and thus help you to heal faster. Personally i would have probably kicked at the cheeky lil mutt with my GOOD foot and kept him from grabbing my meal!!