We Repeat The Same Life Everyday

Moradabad, India
August 3, 2013 4:19am CST
There is a question for everybody that we repeat the same life everyday but are we not bored ? The nature of men is the same,it is their habits that separate them. Everybody's life is full of struggle,desires, and greed. Man comes into the world crying,lives complaining and dies disappointed. Man is the only creature that blushes or needs to.Man is supposed to be a masterpiece work of God.Man is different from animals only in two things,snse of pity and snse ofright and wrong.Have you ever seen a man who has these two qualities ? Animals are definitely as they seem to be. Have you ever seen a man who is as he seems to be ? How do you feel when a man kills innocent people? In my eyes man was the greatest creation when I was a child but as I grew I found that my thinking was wrong because I saw with my own eyes the cruel behaviour of man. I am not saying that everybody is cruel but most of the persons deceiving each other teasing.
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