The confessions of a confused desi

The confused desi- satyadeep singh
Hyderabad, India
August 5, 2013 1:48am CST
ultimately every one is confused but a desi is far from confused, he is mentally screwed with all the information around him to handle. there is no way he can live a normal life, where the expectations are far off above the sky. He survives though the day and argues with himself through the night about all the wrongs he encountered and how he dismissed the right. He spends hours justifying his wrongs, hating himself for doing what he knows is wrong. His Love, His Family, His Friends, His Passion, His Weakness, His Strengths, His Loyalty, His Betrayal, Hi God, His Religion, His Faith, His Country, His Job, His Hobby, His Hope, His Dope, His Affections and His Confessions. The confessions of a confused desi.
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