Shenyang, China
August 5, 2013 3:53am CST
Jobs as we all know is the founder and chief executive officer of Apple Inc, and he always has his own ideas on the development of computers. For example, at the beginning of the Apple company established Jobs refused to construct the CD-ROM in computers in order to show total beauty of computers, and he designed the mouse with only one button to show its uniqueness. However, at that time, if there was no CD-ROM in computers, programs could not be input or record in computers, and the mouse only with one button was not convenient for public to use. Because of these special settings, Jobs lost many consumers who did not acknowledge that. The public opinion was mainly concerned about the feeling in using computers rather than the special design. Jobs as the good leader of Apple Inc quickly realized that if he insisted on what he thought, and did not balance the relationship between user experience and his own sense, he would lose more consumers. Hence, Jobs finally decided to give up part of his thoughts to correspond with public opinion. He added the computer CD-ROM in Apple, and increase the different ways that people can use the mouse personally. By this way, Jobs attained more profit and achieve good reputation. (If there is any mistake including word,grammar and sentence, please take it out,thank you ! )
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5 Aug 13
Sony is another example of innovation and giving people what they want. The walkman was created because the idea came from a worker for the company.