Just Because You Are "MEEK" , Doesn't Mean You Are "WEAK "

@TazRes (827)
United States
August 5, 2013 9:28am CST
Just Because You Are "MEEK" , Doesn't Mean You Are "WEAK " . SOME folks will try and take advantage of you & play you like a monopoly game. Kenny Rogers sang a song back in the day , "You goota know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run .... That's Right !!!! God will let you know in every situation what to do. The same as walking away don't make you weak, standing up for yourself & letting folks know the truth about how you feel doesn't make you a bad person either !!! Even Jesus turned over a table or two to let people know that he was not pleased & to take seriously what He meant. Seek God in all situations especially when you feel like you are taken advantage of , treated unfairly, or just wronged PERIOD !! Never go off half cocked or explode before getting instructions from your Daddy God . I have learned that His Way IS The Best Way & You Will Walk Away Feeling Better In The End !! Happy Monday All~~ _Taz
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• United States
5 Aug 13
I agree.. good post!
• Shenzhen, China
7 Aug 13
I'd like the headline very much.Do the stronger folk.Live wonderful
• Seattle, Washington
8 Aug 13
Yezz Much Obliged, Very go0d
@seen07 (1)
• Jhunjhunu, India
7 Aug 13
right I understande
• Bandung, Indonesia
6 Aug 13
I Agree
@Bluedoll (16988)
• Canada
6 Aug 13
My most favorite t shirt (you pick your own line) says "I just want to be me" I only hope if it is not inline God will show me and if it is inline reward me. :-)
• Jinan, China
6 Aug 13
agree with you~
• Philippines
6 Aug 13
Totally agree. You don't need to be loud to prove you are strong.