How Is Commercial Kitchen Different From Regular Kitchen?

August 7, 2013 1:55am CST
To begin with commercial kitchen essentially caters to cooking for the public while regular kitchen is the one found in your home. Hence as the name sounds, one is used for commercial purposes while the others serve private needs. The quantity of food: The commercial kitchen for rent is different from the regular kitchen in many ways. Basically the amount of food produced varies drastically. At home, food is made according to the number of family members. But in commercial kitchen units the food is manufactured in large amounts. So the quantity of food varies in both. Need to maintain consistency in food: Another difference is that commercial kitchen units need to maintain a consistency in their food, especially the taste. If it is a Paneer Makhani that is being served, it should taste the same every time. While at home, you have the advantage of designing the Makhani to your needs. There is no need to maintain consistency at home. You could try out different recipes at home, see if you like it or not. But for the commercial purpose, uniformity needs to be maintained. For example, we go to a specific hotel probably for a Chicken Tikka that is the signature dish of the place. So the recipe cannot be changed in that . Must follow health codes: Health codes and strict policies need to be followed in commercial kitchen that are for rent. Hygiene, cleanliness, proper exhaust fans etc needs to be looked into in the commercial ones as they are subjected to health check-ups frequently. If found violating the codes, they could be penalized. Even though we maintain hygiene in our kitchens, there are no prim and proper health codes to be maintained in our homes. If a commercial kitchen does not follow the strict codes, they could be even sealed forever. Clean exhaust ventilation system: The exhaust ventilation system of the commercial ones needs to be properly maintained. This is to ensure that the working conditions of the people there are also good. They should not be suffocating with bad air. Healthy and clean environment will lead to better production as well. The exhaust needs to be cleaned frequently. The most important aspect is that the regular kitchens in our home are personalized while the commercial kitchens are for mass production. It is probably a catering kitchen for rent or a restaurant or any other charitable organization.
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