Bathroom sanitary ware purchasing techniques: absorbent as little as possible

Guangzhou, China
August 7, 2013 10:33pm CST
Someone described ceramic bathroom products, in our house, in addition to your couch, bed, best reflects the skin on a blind date is sanitary. At first glance, it sounds kind of people do not mind, but come to think of that's the thing.In view of this, sanitary quality of the products is very important indeed. Sanitary Ware is made up of sanitary ceramics and some accessories, including various toilet, water tank, hot tub, wash face and so on.The structure of such products is not complex, but every gadget directly impact the quality of the advantages and disadvantages to the effect of the use of the product and service life, especially the toilet products, water - saving effect of how to be more important.Experts say. The first step needs to do three things before you buy. First, determine the overall style of the occupants. As living standards improve, people's appearance in the growing demands of the bathroom, there are currently on the market in line with the average consumer affordability suite of products.So, before you buy must have a sense of matching, including shape, color, and so on. The open living room and the bathroom or to match the overall style.The best option is to purchase the same brand products, even products of different brands to try to match style uniform, right. Second, to identify the reliability of the information in the purchase. According to relevant experts, some enterprises in order to attract consumers " eyeball " abuse of flags, exaggerated features, even for false advertising.For example, as consumers on " certified " Increasing awareness, and some of them will be in the position marked by " XYZ center certification ". In response, consumers can go to state whether the candidates website recognize the certification authority approved by the state, enterprises of the said certification is consistent with the concept of national unity to implement authentication, do not be misled. The third step, you want to purchase a basic judgment on the quality of products. Appearance quality of the inspection and judgments, including two aspects, one is to see if the surface is smooth to avoid cracking.To watch the surface of a product from the side, no or few and Yau Ma Tei, reflective effect is good, feel and smooth at the same time that glazed good quality.Second, it is gently tap with your finger, listen to the sound is crisp, high quality ceramic product knocks crisp, and cracks in the ceramic product will normally issue a hoarse voice. TAGS: Bathroom suppliers, Spa and hot tub, Bathroom spas, steam shower cost, factory direct spas, Spas for sale
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