The Rich Are Troubled Only By Those Troubles Which Money Can Not Cure

Moradabad, India
August 8, 2013 8:33am CST
Men are not superior by money,property and power or post,they are superior who have the best heart,the best brain and talent.The moneyed persons are welcomed only there where people know them but the educated persons are welcomed whereever they go.If you love only money, only money will remain with you at the time of death.If money were all- powerful nobody would worship God. Money is sweeter than honey but only for the greedy. It is birth that makes everybody unequal but it is death that makes us equal because man is always equal on pyre,fire and bier.people who always worry for money are burried before time. It is right that without money the people will not respect you properly. If you would know what the Lord God thinks of money,you have only to look at those whom He has given it. Money can not give you life again that you lost for the sake of money.
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