Unemployment Does Not Mean Rest For Youth

Moradabad, India
August 9, 2013 12:08am CST
The greatest problem of every country is unemployment.There are two types of unemployment. First there is unemployment among uneducated persons. Secondly,there is unemployment among educated persons. The latter has been more serious problem than the former. But both are serious and need solution immediately.Everybody has got limited time for everything.there is a limited for marriage too. If a young man gets employment after forty then what is the use of it.? The computer has brought a great change in the lives of youth. But it is also equally true that computers have thrown many young men out of unemployment.The chief remedy for unemployment is check on population.The education of today is miles away from vocational education. This educational system must be changed as soon as may be possible because there is no practical knowledge. The young persons when come out of colleges they feel themselves cheated.The feeling of insecurity frightens them so much that they involve themselves in illegal activities. Youth can not expect anything from politicians.According to me,the youth of today must think something new for them.
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