So Many Nice Stories about Pearl Jewelry

Salt Lake City, Utah
August 9, 2013 3:20am CST
It is really hard to imagine that shining pearls come from some kinds of common shells. People have regarded pearls as divine, and there are so many beautiful stories about pearl jewelry that you have even never heard of. In Zhejiang, China, people connect pearls with Xishi, one of the beauties in ancient times. It is said that Chang’e, the goddess of Moon, owns a huge pearl. She loves it so much that only when she is out, she leaves the pearl with the colorful chicken to protect. One day, when chang’e is out, the chicken plays the pearl as usual. It throws the pearl to and fro. Unfortunately, one time the chicken throws the pearl, it uses a little more strength which makes the pearl out of the sky and fall into somewhere in Zhejiang. Then, the chicken goes out and finds the pearl. It is beyond imagination that the pearl has feelings, too. When it sees the beautiful scenery outside, it decides not to go back to the moon again. However, with the colorful chicken following it, it has nowhere to hide. At that moment, the pearl sees a woman behind the river and then it jumps into the woman’s mouth. The chicken can’t find the pearl and has to go back the moon to be punished. When the woman goes back home, she is pregnant. After sixteen months’ pregnancy, the woman gives birth to a beautiful girl named Xishi. People always consider pearl jewelry as the Xishi’s incarnation. When they wear pearl necklace, they think that they will become beautiful just as Xishi. Another beautiful story about pearl is about dragon girls. It is said that there are many dragon girls in south sea in China, who are very good at weaving. The markets dragon girls join are the so-called mirages, where dragon girls always change things there. It is also said that if someone wears the clothes dragon girls make, he can go to the mirages and see the girls. Dragon girls are the maids of Chang’e, the goddess of the moon. When dragon girls do something wrong, they will be punished and be sent to the south sea to weave. When the moon is full, the dragon girls will watch the moon and cry sadly. Their tears will drop into the sea and turn into pearls. There are lots of such beautiful stories about pearls. Thus, when people think about pearl jewelry, they will think about something nice. Pearl jewelry has become one of the most popular jewelry. People always wholesale pearl jewelry,which can also tell how popular pearl jewelry is. For fashion pearl jewelry, visit
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