You're too kind

August 10, 2013 6:44am CST
In the morning, as I see the sun rise I dream of a bright future Which God has allotted to me! I dream of a future That I cannot be denied of; A future that is promising A future that is sure; For I have a God that cannot be prevented As I wake with the day, I pray Thank you Jesus For the gift of this day Thank you holy spirit For your anointing that is upon me Thank you father You’re too kind. For waking me up this morning! And as the shadow of evening rears its head I just thank him for keeping me going. I bless you Lord for the day I found you I dance and jump for the gift of you I bless him who ushered that friendship I just thank the environment under which the friendship flowers. Whenever I am sad and disturbed Any time I am confused Whenever I am weary I just think of you and I am unburdened Bless you for being such a wonderful pal You are one of the rarest gifts I have found Thanks for the smiles around your face Thanks for your love Thanks for every thing Just thanks you for being friend. You’re too kind to let you know that you mean much to me Your qualities combined, are extremely rare, You molded me with top look And top value. Lord you told me it took quite a handsome time And lots of resources to put me together In other to make me climax of wisdom And no matter the matter That I will matter where it matters most Because I am what you say I am. Just want to thank you sincerely and loud With a smile and care That you’re too kind.
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