Anonymous Callers

Cebu, Philippines
August 11, 2013 5:03am CST
I dunno what this people are up to of something why they called me when I don't personally know them. I rarely give away my 2 private numbers to strangers. I tried a lot of times to trace the whereabouts of this call but the applications of tracing the number of the anonymous caller need payment. I tried of searching free application for tracking location of the caller but there is none. How I wish that some people will invent a free application of tracking people, location, etc. that can be beneficial to people who don't have enough money or afford to pay for that certain application.
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@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
11 Aug 13
You used to be able to input a phone number, and as long as it wasn't unlisted or a cell number, it would tell you who it was and where they were, but not any more. I"m not sure why, but I think it may be due to the privacy laws that have been passed.
• Aberdeen, Scotland
12 Aug 13
privacy laws are a joke here in the uk phone tapping is rife any journalist knows this
• Aberdeen, Scotland
12 Aug 13
i have been looking for an app which can block with held numbers and numbers from people not on my contact list as well i bet many many people can relate to and agree with what you say now your username i could