A Pound Of Pluck Is A Worth A Ton Of Luck

Moradabad, India
August 15, 2013 9:39am CST
Luck is not dependent on the books of astrology but in our hands and legs .As long as wevare lucky, we attribute it to our smartness,our bad luck give the gods credit for.we must know that chance always favours the prepared mind. Luck is not present in the lines of your palm but in your working hands. If you think that luck is a great thing,you should think of those persons who have been highly successful in their lives. Only diligence is real mothe of luck.Luck is a very good word if a "p" is put before luck. Only those persons complain against luck who shirk the work. They are shallow persons who talk tall and do a little.It is better to use your hands than abuse others.
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