Don't Park Illegally In Handicap Parking

United States
August 17, 2013 4:01pm CST
This post is to those who park illegally in the handicap parking, (those WITHOUT a valid placard or plate). Those of you who park illegally in the handicap parking should think twice before pulling into one of our spots. There are online resources where the handicapped can report offenses, especially if cops don't enforce it. A website that I do highly recommend is called, which can be found here: Parking illegally in handicap parking may get you reported as the rightful handicapped snaps a pic of your car and license plate. It then gets posted on, along with a description of when the offense happened. There are many links to help the handicapped to speak up and speak out about this growing problem. There are various handicaps that basically fall into 2 categories: Ambulatory and Non-Ambulatory. Some handicaps we can see, others we can't. Regardless of whether or not we can see the handicap all boils down to who can legally park in the blue. Just because someone has a plate or placard doesn't always mean that the driver is legal to park in the blue. There are many complaints of people using someone else's placard as a free pass to the handicap parking, even though they're NOT entitled to be there. Such actions should be immediately reported to proper authorities, (even if they choose not to enforce it, as what happened in my town). According to this page, (Sect F) private property IS indeed covered by handicap laws. According to who sent me the same exact page link, I have backing to handicap parking laws being a state law, (whereas the responding officer claiming that it was NOT a state law). According to, handicap parking IS covered by state laws. Therefore the cop was to SOME point in the wrong for seeing the obvious, but doing nothing. The handicapped shouldn't worry though, because online resources help people report this kind of stuff to those who actually specialize in this area. In enforced areas, illegally parked cars can be towed at the owner's expense. Drivers WITH placards who don't display them can STILL get TICKETED. I once visited a local mall in a neighboring town that strictly enforced handicap parking. Vehicles were randomly checked and plate/placard info was ran to see if the plates and placards were even legit to the card that the placards were in. Certain parking lot attendants were assigned to the lot. I watched as officers went around checking mostly the vehicles that were parked in the handicap parking; This was the main concern. Now that we have cameras everywhere, pics can be snapped of any vehicle at any random time for any reason. So to you handicap parking abusers, SMILE! You're on Candid Camera!
Handicapped Parking Fraud is happening all around use. People are parking in handicapped parking spaces when they have no right to. Reporting the handicapped parking fraud will ensure there are spaces for those handicapped and disabled people who really ne
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