Im divorced now

United States
August 18, 2013 8:05pm CST
I don't know what im not good when it comes to failure. Almost every thing I have set out to do I managed to finish but my now ex-husband had filed for divorce in May of this year I am at a loss yesterday it was final. I feel like such a failure. Has any one else felt like this and if so how have you managed to get through the tough times?
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@rachael5760 (2712)
• Israel
7 Sep 15
I don't see it as a failure. You are now free! You can do what you need to do without the nagging, and having your ex complain all the time. Enjoy your life, and remember that there are many married women who would love to be free, but because of money can't, or because of religion won't ever be able to be free of a non-loving person plaguing their lives. If he wanted out, it is his problem. You are not able to be independent! Enjoy yourself.
• United States
19 Aug 13
personally for me it was more a sense of relief i felt when my divorce went through, as opposed to sadness. But then my ex and i had been separated for many years before we finalized the divorce, so i had already had plenty of time to process everything and was just waiting for that last tie to be cut. when we first split up i suppose i felt the way you are feeling now. Wondering what i did to cause my marriage to fail (though looking back it was what we BOTH did/didn't do). We are both in much happier places in our lives now though. Just keep your chin up and write it off to a life/learning experience. Everyone makes mistakes, and it does not make you a failure.