HD Video Conferencing

Dallas, Texas
August 19, 2013 9:15pm CST
High definition is trend for future technology, with more and more camcorders and smartphones promising to shoot high-definition 720P and 1080P video. Video conferencing is also entering a new era of high-definition video conferencing that brings you with high-definition video experience you’ve never imagined. True high-definition video displays picture resolution of 1080P or 720P with fps of 24, 30 and 60. And of the many formats available, the following six are considered true high-definition formats Current, the most advanced encoding technology is H.264 which is ideal for video conferencing. H.264 encoding technology gives greater flexibility way for collaboration between people. CUMeeting video conferencing is just the one using H.264 standard, from this point of view, it can also be called H.264 video conferencing. Before using CUMeeting HD video conferencing, there are some requirements that may need your attention: 1. High-definition video conferencing requires all endpoints be HD-compatible in order for any of the video conference participants to take advantage of the high-definition video experience. 2. Apart from having endpoints with high-definition data compression, you need also to consider network bandwidth in order to achieve top-quality video conferencing. 3. A camera that supports turn high-definition (minimum 720P) is needed to make sure that the camera and endpoint have been optimized to provide the best end-to-end high-definition video conferencing experience. 4. High-definition video monitors (LCD, Plasma or DLP) must also support a minimum of 720P horizontal lines of resolution. Besides, the monitors should offer connectors that enable optimal high-definition signals. Benefits of CUMeeting HD video conferencing: 1. It is able to offer clear, crisp picture quality and video and audio synchronization without any latency and echo (using the industry leading Acoustic Echo Canceller function) to maintain focus and provide an effective, high-quality video conferencing experience. 2. It can also share high-resolution content such as blueprints, flowcharts, maps or photographs and other applications etc. Besides, it can also transfer some other commonly used files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, video and audio etc to the corresponding receiver. 3. It enables you to record high-definition meetings in either 720P or 1080P with 24fps or 30fps so as to free and smooth playback on your computer or mobile devices. And depending on your own requirements you can also switch it into standard definition. All in all, high-definition technology opens a new way for information to be shared through video conferencing and to create an effective communication tool for business, government, schools, healthcare, finance and other industries to do online meetings, webinar events, online training, online teaching, online presentation etc. For detailed information, please visit
CuMeeting HD video conferencing provides clear, crisp picture quality and video and audio synchronization without any latency to help maintain focus and provide an effective, high quality video conferencing experience.
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