Stop JUDGING and everything! You don't know anything! -_-

August 20, 2013 9:40am CST
Those people who loves to degrade you.. :( I just can't understand people who likes seeing other people suffer. What's the beauty in degrading others? Does that give them any pleasure of hurting someone's feelings when you know they can't fight back? Or does that give them the pleasure of knowing that such judgment given will make those people loose their self-confidence and everything they left diminished? In my existence, been experiencing this ever since. People around me keeps on degrading and even underestimating me and my family, even relatives of ours are like that (gosh! how i wanted to spank them. :/ ) because we're poor and we don't have money and etc. Our skills and capabilities were judged just because we came from the countryside and can't easily go with the flow in the city without them knowing and trying what we really are. And because we're thinking only on the positive side of life and they continue to make our life miserable in ways that will make us give up... Well, I can say that they will continue to fail in putting us down. My family is strong and they taught me how to be one. I accept every insult, discrimination and judgment they give me and my family as a challenge, a trial to be overcome. I believe that this is part of life and God willed this to happen for it is part of shaping my strength and keeping my faith to him that every thing happens for a reason and justified purpose by him. I am working hard to fulfill my dreams. To prove everyone and anybody who judges, discriminates and insults my family, wrong for doing such to us. In the nearer future I will be successful, my family will be successful. I just thanked God for keeping my family safe, intact-ed with love and pure hearts. To those who insults us, remember that insecurity lies in the hearts of an empty brain! God bless you people! :)
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• Guilin, China
20 Aug 13
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!