An Ass Will Graze The Grass Not The Sweets

Moradabad, India
August 20, 2013 12:13pm CST
Your actions depend upon your nature. A lion will never eat the bread and pulse. Every creature of the world acts according to its nature. If a worm that has a habit to live in the mud it will like to remain in the mud. Man is also a slave to his nature. Devil and deity both are present in everybody.We can nip in the bud our bad habits.Habits are, at first , cobwebs, then cables. Habits die hard. There is nothing stronger than habit. We think that it is easy to change habits but evil habits are more easily broken than mended.First of all our actions form habit, habit is changed in to nature and nature dies hard. I think the force of habit teaches us to bear labour and to scorn injury and pain.Good habits protect us from temptation, anger and greed.Everybody thinks that he is different and greater than others. It is not wealth, nor ancestry, but honourable actions and conduct and a noble disposition that makes you greater than others. The necked bottles make more noise but have less content.
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