Guangzhou Company Registration Summary

Guangzhou, China
September 2, 2013 8:52pm CST
Published by dada5_hongkong[at] As the south gate of China, Guangzhou has a fantastic investment environment for international trade business. Guangzhou is a metropolitan enhancing people of different cultures and backgrounds.In the past ten years, the number of overseas businessmen in Guangzhou has increased dramatically. To have company registration in Guangzhou, you can apply China residence Permit, you can explore competitive products and expand your business rapidly. Main requirement: Capital. Local government has requirement on the capital, minimum 500,000 RMB. Business scope should be determined. Need to rent a real office. Documents needed for registration: (1). Your passport; (2). Bank reference letter (3). Business scope; (4). Office lease contract in Guangzhou; (5). Your resume and photos Note: (1) and (2) are needed to get notarization and Chinese ambassy approval in your country. If you find an agent to cooperate, you can entrust all followup affairs to the agent, like book-keeping, tax returns, license audit, Residence Permit application etc. Therefore, you can put all your time on business.
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