So Much Crystal Jewelry, So Many Benefits

Salt Lake City, Utah
September 3, 2013 2:49am CST
When we talk about crystal jewelry, we can think of lots of classification. Different crystal jewelry has different beauty, and also has different good functions to our health. White crystal jewelry can help people enhance their memory, broaden their potential, strengthen their bodies and decrease their bad temper. Purple crystal jewelry can improve intelligence and emotions, rise people’s popularity, and improve brain’s functions and secretion. Yellow crystal jewelry can increase noble temperament, rise wealth, keep fatigue away, control people’s bad temper, and be helpful to lots of organs. Pink crystal jewelry, although with bad transparency, can improve love and do good to people’s circulation system. Pink and yellow crystal jewelry, which is quite valuable and rare, with soft and gentle color, can adjust things to balance, and has the functions of both purple crystal jewelry and yellow crystal jewelry. Smoky quartz jewelry has the function of detoxification and heal. The main reason that people like to wholesale crystal jewelry is that crystal jewelry has lots of amazing functions. When it comes to sore throat, we should think about purple crystal jewelry; when it comes to arthritis, we should think about yellow quartz jewelry; when it comes to dorsalgia, we should think about white crystal jewelry; when it comes to asthma, we should think about golden crystal jewelry; when it comes to pregnancy, we should think about red crystal jewelry; when it comes to eyesight, we should think about purple crystal jewelry; when it comes to bronchitis, we should think about blue crystal jewelry… When people wholesale crystal bracelet or crystal necklace, they not only wholesale beauty, but also wholesale health. Crystal jewelry has been and will always be the shining star in jewelry market. But at the same time, lots of benefits crystal jewelry has are not recognized by most people. They think that crystal jewelry is just for decoration, and it is a luxury. What do you want to choose between crystal jewelry and medicine? When you find that you have a certain disease or you have a tendency to have a certain disease, why do you just buy yourself crystal jewelry to keep your health? Why not own both beauty and health at the same time? Why not just say that crystal jewelry is wonderful? For crystal jewelry, visit
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