It Is Hardest To Believe A Liar, Even When He Speaks Truth.

Moradabad, India
September 4, 2013 1:02pm CST
Infamy is worse than death for those who have been famous. Life of a spider is always miserable because it is always in suspension. It is a great evil to be unable to utter a prompt and decided 'no'. The wavering mind can not get anybody's confidence and a base possession too. We know that a powerful person is supposed to be most trust worthy because he has a power to compel you to trust .A poor person is never trusted and the easiest prey for the rich.A Rich man easily gets the stick to beat a weak person. The high walls of the rich hide many heart rending cries of the poor. The highest and the most beautiful buildings are built by the poor labourers but the person who never goes to that side even takes away the whole credit for building it. The loud lamentation of those crushed people never come out of high walls of the moneyed kings.
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