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Milton, Florida
September 4, 2013 11:16pm CST
I have been a member on the Website named Sidetick since August of 2010. I can personally say I was sceptical at first that a site Like Facebook was really going to pay me to using it, It took awhile to get use to the navigation and set-up, Before long I had gotten accustom and started to get the hang of it, First by learning how the points (Tick Bucks) system works, then setting up my Profile set-up. I have never used such a site before online, Nothing like it. I was instantly Hooked. Soon I grew accustom to it signing in everyday to check out what was going on, Finding new friends who also enjoyed making money online socialising. It was a pretty sweet deal, And didn't cost me a dime. Overall I have really enjoyed This site, and Highly recommend it to new people. How it all works Sidetick gives you points called Tickbucks. Tickbucks can be redeemed for cash once you reach the minimum of 25$ (50000Tickbucks) Via paypal. Or let it keep building for a larger payout. Every 2000 tickbucks equals 1$. Its super easy to earn atleast 1000 points a day, Check your messages, read a blog or two leave a comment here and there, Put out a nice poll and earn points. Add a friend and watch a video and check out others pictures. Bamm 10 minutes and you could earn 1000-2000 points! Every page you go to they give you a point or two. And like many of them site Sidetick has a referral system, Every person you refer you receive 2000 tickbucks that a buck per person, and if that person refers anyone you get 500 tickbucks for that also.Sidetick only pays out to The United States, U.K, Canada, Australasia, New Zealand, & Israel.
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