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Montague, California
September 5, 2013 2:14am CST
Microblogging platform from launch to now there has been developed a few years time, Xiao Bian think in the process of promoting foreign trade website , you can use foreign microblogging platform for foreign trade as Twittert and Facebook marketing . From August 2009 Sina launched the " Sina microblogging" private beta since the microblogging platform officially entered the Chinese netizens vision. At present, China is already the world 's superpower to use the microblogging platform . In the domestic micro -Bo has just launched Xiaobian to be outdone, were registered Sina, Tencent, Sohu's private beta trial . The beginning of the major microblogging platform is not mature, but now the major platforms have different characteristics of different micro -blog application , a test class , there are games, reading class ...... can be said that all-embracing .        Hot microblogging crazy time , in the subway car, the elevator , everyone in the play microblogging , microblogging has been integrated into people's daily life , quietly bit of information can send to any zone , I believe many of my friends turn on the computer is not Log chat tool but landing microblogging daily phone must login page or Sina Weibo Tencent Weibo , Xiao Bian think microblogging to extremely fast and extensive information dissemination has become a new trend of development of the Internet , the instant sharing , interactive, community- oriented features are opening an e-commerce launched a new bright spot , behind every microblogging users , there is a real demand for consumer shopping , microblogging platform has become many companies do brand image and product important sales channel .        E microblogging marketing , not only can improve product sales , and talk to the consumer to do a good interaction , launched microblogging altered the way the media and the dissemination of information , more and more emphasis on e-commerce businesses start microblogging , microblogging platform for e-commerce has become a new battleground between the famous microblogging platform once the entire smoke billowing , who can apply the fastest good microblogging platform , who is the king. As of the battlefield microblogging marketing , we should do the following , is to become the cornerstone of the king , competence formal steps such as micro -Bo period.       Strength :       1 , microblogging Title and Domain Name: enterprise microblogging official title of the best companies to use the title of a custom domain name microblogging can use the official website , domain name and the title of lunch customers to remember to use microblogging to dispose of the relevant corporate image image , so that customers have an official formal feel , choose microblogging labels, customers can search for even more convenient and increase exposure.        2 , microblogging orientation : good positioning, marketing microblogging properly paved roads, many hours of direction and speed is more important than the method , positioning will affect the final success or failure , the enterprise microblogging positioning should conscientiously do good their products adhere to the unity , commonality of targeting criteria , common enterprise microblogging title needs an independent , clear , focused, and simple . ( Note 1: Sina microblogging title alone implement a system , a micro -Bo has one and only one name , the system will prompt you to contradict microblogging change the title , for the sooner the better Note 2 :: best corporate official microblogging application Sina or Tencent certification, certified advantage is that constitute a more positive image of authority , microblogging information can be external search engines , easier to spread . )    Forces:       1 , increasing concerns or Fans:       First, people are concerned about our products and microblogging have interest , applying labels and attention seeking Second, take the initiative to add others concerned about the other party concerned       2, the micro-blog updates : how to absorb microblogging fans demand pictures and text with, you can send some of the micro-blog content with product-related scripts, or jokes, highlights progress and increase exposure       3 , activities in support of : integrity activities undertaken in microblogging , the prize given fans a real increase in the client 's corporate image , improve trust Overall, microblogging is the inevitable product of a short reading period , real fast-paced life of modern society as a refraction, no matter how large or foreign SOHO to do website promotion , we still have to do something here , microblogging marketing is a long accumulation process that requires ongoing website promotion staff explore new ways to seek new methods caliber witness the power of microblogging , but also to achieve powerful chain of effects , perhaps microblogging marketing will become a long period of time e-commerce is an important battleground. 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I believe that the tendency of microblogging platform is inevitable.Not only have the demands of convenient trading increased all the time,but also the internet become more and more mature.That will be a different experience,I have to say I can't wait to try it and share it with my friends!
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