Join My MLM!!

Page, Arizona
September 5, 2013 3:59pm CST
I have seen quite a few posts about MLMs, let me clarify... MLM, multi-level markets, is a company with customers also being sales agents. 'Word-of-mouth' is the best advertising so instead of paying for advertising, they give that money to the customers that bring in customers. This also gets higher sales as the customers will place monthly orders.. No matter what you heard, this is a win-win situation for company and customer. The main key to making sure you, as the customer, want the product of the MLM company. Also differing MLM have different compensation plans so make sure to look at that. Now. I have searched and researched multiple MLMs and found one that is perfect for me. It is the best compensation plan I have seen and the products, I LOVE them!!! doTERRA is an international company and is online, allowing one to reach to anyone. It sells the highest quality essential oils that are pure, potent, and can be taken internally. They also have vitamins, supplements, hair/skin care products, weight loss program and more!! The compensation plan helps for the starter and long-term growth of one's downline.The compensation plan holds nothing back gives great start up bonuses. As long as you place your 100pv LRP order you receive: 20% on all new enrollees under you 10% on enrollees for your people 5% on enrollees under those people 2-7% on ALL orders placed under you (7 levels) depending on location Then there is a power of three bonus from $50-1200. This is ALL given monthly!!! And then it starts again next month! There is no issues with one line being longer than the other or some people not ordering that month (except power of three). NOW- how does one grow a downline?... Talk to friends and family about the oils and those interested, sign them up (20%). Then they reach out to friends and family. As they enroll (they get 20%, you get 10%.).. It goes on, you getting 5%, the other 10%, and the one enrolling the person 20%... (simple as that.) The key is to explain the essential oils and not be pushy, you do not want to lose friends.. Everyone will grow at different rates but I see the rate you grow is the rate you speak to others about the oils. I have yet to see someone truly fail with this MLM, some are just slower than others. Contact me if this is right for you and want to join. I will help you learn about the oils and how to use them and how to help others... this is information that we all pass on to each other... and the great thing- it is all online!! I look forward to working with those interested!
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