Who could answer this question ?

@jewcial (137)
Shanghai, China
September 7, 2013 4:01am CST
A funny question : who could tell me how fast the superman can fly; someone said it's twice than aircraft ,someone said it's super the light speed ,which is correct answer ? I thought the question would be only answered by superman , haha~
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• Stockholm, Sweden
7 Sep 13
Well, if you mean the movie he could fly faster than the light. But if you mean in reality, he's clothes would be all burned of at 2000 mph because of the air's friction force... Maybe you have seen a movie with a launching rocket. When it reaches the atmosphere (maybe a bit closer) the rocket is beginning to burn. But Superman Himself can fly faster than the light Hope this answered your question.
@jewcial (137)
• Shanghai, China
7 Sep 13
Thanks for ur comment ,i think the answer is satisfied me ! BTW his suit is a special that could endure high temperature ,so it never ever burning by the friction of the air when he flies in high speed ~do u agree ?
@Jurcey (1)
• Chengdu, China
8 Sep 13
As fast as he can.