A Mind Can Create Many Computers But Many Computers Can Not Create A Mind

Moradabad, India
September 7, 2013 9:42am CST
The computer can not think creatively but human brain can think creatively. Computer needs instructions from man but man does not. Human brain is much sharper than computer but human brain has the power of thinking but no computer has the power of thinking. The human brain is divided into 3parts but computer does not have those parts.The weight of brain is about 3 poundsbut the weight of a computer is much more than human mind. Man's brain is made up of millions of nerve cells which are called neuronswhile computer is made of pentteum.No computerhas as much memory or as much connections like human brain. Computer can not have delicate feelings or emotions.People say that a computer does not need food or rest but it needs only human instructions. Does any computer feel love emotions between two young hearts.It can not lament over the death of somebody and has no power to feel somebody's pain and anger. It depends upon the electricity for charging. Human mind is really far better than computer because it is a nonliving machine.
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@Bluedoll (17039)
• Canada
7 Sep 13
I think they are only tools. They can do some things well that might be boring for humans. If we can use them for good purposes then I suspect they are worth our effort. I agree though we are wonderfully made.
• Moradabad, India
8 Sep 13
Hello Bluedoll, Man has a habit that he makes tools for him and after sometimehe becomes a tool in the hands of these tools. These tools are good slaves but bad masters. In the same way he makes gods and starts being afraid of them. It is rightly said "Trust in providence, but keep your powder dry."I think."Man is the Heaven's masterpiece." Thanks a lot for the wise and apt response.
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