Start our Day with a Grateful Heart.

Bangkok, Thailand
September 8, 2013 12:00am CST
Start our Day with a Grateful Heart We shall see everyday as a godsend. Wake up directly from our bed and start thinking about positive things, because there is always sun in the sky, although sometimes the sun can hide behind the clouds. Meet our cheerful day with a positive starting point and then begin to smile, show respect towards everyone we encounter with a good morning greetings, this never will show as having a negative attitude. Anyone who shown respects will be a role model for others to follow. So we can be grateful every day and start our day with something positive for the beautiful world. Start by being friendly to other people we met on this beautiful planet earth. It will also give us joy and gratitude because our attitude with a true character and optimism will motivate others to follow us. Many will also appreciate and show their friendly back to us thus it surely can strengthen our relationshop in an Intimate conversation among us. Be grateful for every day and start by being optimistic. To respect and be kind to others is a gift , that is why Mother Nature always give us a different colors to keep us in positive thoughts. A good heart is always be grateful and forgive anyone sins before go on bed. Only the fools creating trouble, wise people solve them and intelligent people learned from it and forgive because they know that everyone get what they deserve in life. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen
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• Beijing, China
11 Sep 13
thanks for your article,it made me a good day
• Nigeria
10 Sep 13
You are right a happy life is a healthy life.