Today Pollution Needs A Solid Solution

Moradabad, India
September 8, 2013 10:42pm CST
The life on earth is sustained by a sort of balancecreated by nature. This balance created by nature is so delicate that if a part of it is destroyed ,disturbed or diminished, it will be found that the whole is destroyed. The man is increasing his interferences with the elements of nature such as air,water forests, which is a threat to humanity itself.we do not know that we ate cutting the same branch on which we are sitting. Can we ever think to live without oxygen or polluted air. We breathe polluted air ,drink polluted water ,eat polluted food and live in the midst of a polluted environment. Man is the greatest enemy of environment and in this way, he is a great danger to himsef. Rapid industrialisation, increase in the population of big towns have polluted all the rivers,lakes and seas. Noise pollution is also increasing day by day. The blind race of machines,vehicles,railways and factories and loud speakers has put a curtain of modernisation. We have become deaf to noise solution and after sometime we will become deaf because of this noise pollution If somebody is bent upon committing suicide what can nature do? Ultimately the solution lies in re-establishing the broken link between man and nature. If the people want that their own coming children should breathe properly ,they must try to save teir environment not from tomorrow but from today and right from this moment.
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