seo first step: planning keywords

Montague, California
September 9, 2013 3:22am CST
How to choose keywords       Before writing the article title we definitely have to collate and analyze keywords, keyword selection when doing consider two points, namely the value and relevance, after a good grasp of this point can then be extended for a keyword. Of course, for the understanding of the project, or is the product of a number of friends is easier and can be extended through the relevant keywords, and if the product is not very familiar with it does not matter, in the past also talked about keyword selection techniques, there are many method is very suitable for us to do when using keyword selection. 1, the user experience of       Is in line with the user's search habits and requirements, we will in the search when the search with additional keywords, understand their thoughts and meaning, be selected for different networks.       2, the correlation keyword       For an e-commerce site, the product name is probably because of the change of a word then it can be turned into another product, such as clothing with ** is completely different, so be sure to note when doing this, even if he is not very understanding can find some people who do understand the project, or to the last to go spend a lot of their own human and material resources, the results themselves are moving in the opposite direction to go.       3, how to determine the value of the keyword       Value keyword is in some ways we choose a key, if a keyword has no value, we do not need to do with optimization, so to determine a keyword's value type is a comprehensive consideration factors can search habits, Baidu index, the search results on the relevance and so one way to judge the value of his words.
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10 Sep 13
Sorry, have trouble understanding this. I have much to learn about keywords I think, starting at the beginning.