Who is Great "Mother" or "Wife" ?

@Hemant83 (1282)
September 16, 2013 12:49am CST
After getting married I learned and still learning so much of things from my wife, like what responsibilities towards home,life and family. Mom made me who I am right now. She taught me to read, write. She has a important role in my life. Whatever today am I just because of her. But the question comes in my mind who is great mom or wife.. Every man here, don't you confused ?
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@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
17 Sep 13
Are you trying to compare your mother to your wife? You could make yourself crazy doing that. Both are important in your life for different reasons.
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• San Francisco, California
22 Aug 14
The first mistake is comparing them. Right off the bat there is a generational difference. The 70's vs the 90's or the 80's vs the 2000's. Your mother comes from a diffferent place and a diifferent time than you and your wife. You all are not cohorts. Your mother and your wife are also different people with two totally diffferent backgrounds, likes, and interests. What your mother does oustanding, your wife may be terrible at and the same vice versa. Its like comparing your oldest son with your youngest daughter. What good is that going to do. Love both of them for who they are. If at anytime you are having problems in your marriage, lean on your faith in God, go get counseling, and make an overall attempt at giving more than you take from one another and in most cases things can usually at least be peacful and smooth in a household. Always bid reverence and respect to mom for being the matriarch of the lineage but also always respect your wife for being the matriarch of YOUR family.
• New York, New York
12 Mar 14
Even me also in the same condition. Somehow both are perfect in their own position.
@pibi713 (187)
• China
28 Sep 13
You can't compare the importance of your wife and your mother. Your mother gave you life, and your wife is togehter with you the whole life. Both of them are great.
• Nigeria
18 Sep 13
Both are great,but in terms of who influences the character of a child most,the mother come first.The reason is obvious,while the dad goes out to work,mum,most often than not,stays at home with the child and nurtures him/her.
@jkct02 (2859)
• Malaysia
17 Sep 13
Why must you decide whether your mother or your wife is greater? What would you think if your mother is making a comparison whether you as her son is greater compared to her husband, who is your father? Mother and wife are both important persons in a man's life in different ways. Both are great if an answer is needed.
@1481978 (12)
• Kampala, Uganda
16 Sep 13
None is better because they each play very different roles. They are both good you can not compare them.
• Moradabad, India
16 Sep 13
If one thing is on earth is thousand times better than wife,it is mother. You can not be old till your mother calls you by your name. You can find many wives in your life but you can not find one mother, if you search with many torches. Mother is the name of God. God made mothers because He could not be everywhere. The comaparison between a mother is meaningless.