White Hat Money: Very Simple Business Model

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
September 16, 2013 5:11am CST
Very Simple White Hat Business Model For those that may be struggling to keep up with the recent changes in the Market. All the crackdowns by a bunch of networks on Publishers doing the Fake and shady stuff. I am not Judging merely giving simple options to those who may be struggling to see a path. Always remember It is your job as a skilled Marketer to heighten what some may deem as just a reasonable system into a VERY workable 0ne......Up for the Challenge? Raw Diamonds are very rarely just placed upon your lap My Friends you have to do a bit of mining....Digging,Scraping,Polishing and then if your lucky along with that effort you you put forth Just might uncover That Gleam that we all seek Really quick and simple 1Go here: Check the Directory on the left hand side. Click on a category like: Audio & Video Business & Enterprise Communications Development Home & Education Games Graphics Science & Engineering Security & Utilities System Administration Once you choose a Categories Now skip to about the 3rd Page on as the products on those first pages will already be well Know. You'd be surprise the amount of people who know nothing about Open source..Maybe even a few of you-lol Can get Adobe Knock-offs as well as other duplications of very popular expensive softwares courtesy of open source coders trying to stick it to the Man.. Now Choose a bunch or a few to Promote Remember This is Open Source,Go Crazy. Plus you can actually download any Product and do a Video demo of it In action you know to Market it. A big Plus. You can Usually Grab some nice Images of the products there as well to advertise with both on this Next site or if you make a video or something. Now 2. Go Here: https://www.payloadz.com/ or Here: Sell downloads easily with PayPal - Digital Goods Store Open an account and upload some stuff from #1 Charge a small fee! Why ? Cause sometimes a 3rd party storefront can bring a bit of credibility and trust that you might not have when building your own site selling as a unknown entity. So they charge 5-10%...Only if you sell. Grab some affiliates and give them a few percent while your at it. This product cost you nothing.... All Profit! "But can I sell Open Source Products" http://opensource.org/faq#selling 3. Go and Advertise: with the Usual Suspects. YT,Twt,FB..etcc 4. Finally Go Here: [Image: itv.png] I'm sure others will chime in with some other was to promote these Products...I'm Sure they Will P.S. Or Of Course you could go a similar route only Cleaner! What I mean is you can still...... CPA or PPD Them, you know offer them in exchange for filling out an Offer. Example: see here: Crystal Space 3D SDK [Image: iola.png] Crystal Space is a spectacular 3D SDK for Unix, Windows, and MacOS/X. It renders with OpenGL and features GLSL shaders, CG shaders, deferred rendering, dynamic shadows, bullet based physics library, terrain engine, skeleton based animation meshes, exporter for Blender, portals, etc... 3D Rendering, First Person Shooters, Frameworks, Real Time Strategy, Role-Playing Flexible plugin system Sound and 3D sound support OpenGL and advanced shader support using CG Physics using Bullet or ODE plugins Terrain engine Particle systems Skeletal animation system GUI integration with CEGUI XML format Very well supported scripting engine with Python and Java Estimated Worth For this Product appraised at 399.00 Your Cost: $Free$ ENJOY ! The Coders/Programers of this product worked really hard for endless hours to bring this Amazing product to the General Public for absolutely NO COST. As a show of Patronage and appreciation we ask that you help us to continue to make these types of projects possible by filling one of our quick and easy Sponsor Forms it wont take but a few seconds. A portion of the proceeds will be donated so congratulations this is your Good deed for the day =========================== Now I know what your thinking "We'll isn't this being deceitful" I say Auuhhhhhhhh -lol Well depends on how you look at it. I didn't say Cost or Reg Price 399.00 I said worth and appraised Which basically a personal opinion based on your overview of the Product. As for as The Donation Part Hell go out and Donate a few bucks to something. There you Go. White Hat still sitting proudly and firmly upon your Head
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Try this out, you'll find it rewarding...It doesn't give you instant millions, but it truly builds and its for real.
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